Poker or any other gaming knows no bound to live play since the online era has come up. People have got access to play with people from different parts of the world. Even if you like playing with them you can continue keeping in touch with that person by means of the online game. Give a thought only playing online with players from different areas of the world give you such delights how about going to that place, enjoying the city and get to play poker in that dream city.


As there are many kinds of card games being played among which the poker hand is quite in demand. It comprises the following rules and regulation to follow.

Royal Flush The highest combination should comprise the following series 10-Jocker-queen-king-ace, all should be of the same hierarchy
Straight Flush It comprises five cards in the following sequence but of the same suit. 5-6-7-8-9
Four of a Kind This game comprises the same number of four different suits.
Full house It comprises of any three suits of the same type and a pair of two different suits. K-K-K-A-A
Three of a kind It comprises of 3 same numerical of 3 different suits. kk
Two pairs It comprises two pairs of two different suit. 5-5-7-7
One pair comprises of any one pair. kk
High Card It comprises the highest card being the ace and the other being the lowest.


The below mentioned 3 locations are next to heaven for poker addicted players.

  1. Las Vegas of United States

This city is widely known to be the entertainment hub of the world. It comprises of the all the essential amenities special reference to roughly 34 casinos around the Las Vegas strip and also along the streets nearby. From the digit, you can assume that you have a great number of choices. However, the Binions Casino is considered to be best for the beginners. While those who have right hands in the games, the best option for them is “Bobby’s Room”, which is said to be one of the renown casinos of this era. After this, you would definitely have a rush inside to explore this city.

  1. Paradise Island of Bahamas:

This place is in the bucket list of many of us. The place is itself a delight to be explored. The Atlantis Casino doesn’t require any extra added compliment as it is vividly known to be one of the topmost casinos of the world. This casino gives you the chance to play three types of poker namely- three card, five cards, and the greatest Texas Hold’em Poker. So many options added with ultimate luxury of nightlife, the luminous beaches, night entertainments lead you to choose this as your next holiday destination.

  1. Macau of China

The bright night lights of Macau outshine the morning sunrise. After the Las Vegas and the Atlantis, the other name that comes up in the mind is Macau. You will find numerous poker rooms and casinos to choose from. Count of poker room crosses 20 but apart from all the Casino, Macau Palace is a splendid one to visit.


To conclude, there are many more holiday destination that pave a great opportunity for the poker lover namely, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Barcelona, San Jose, London, Atlantic City and many more , where you get number option in the poker game as well as numerous poker table to choose with addition fun nights and beauty of the cities. The online poker business sets you to a limit of virtual whereas visiting the dream city and choosing the desired poker table as well as the game is a dream come true. to all the poker lovers who are thinking for a vacation do count upon the above reviews of the cities mentioned above.